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We are a manufacturing company of automatic egg graders, farm packers and re-packers. Our equipment can be configured to collect or grade eggs in two ways:  in-line feeding eggs directly from the bird cages, and/or off-line feeding from eggs previously collected and packed in egg trays with the use of a manual or an automatic loader.


We also recondition and/or refurbish, in a very detailed way, Diamond system graders, packers, washers and loaders. Our main objective is to offer our clients a competitive alternative with good quality at a competitive price using state of the art technology.


Our machines are designed to operate in the harsh environment of a farm egg room or a grading plant.


Our factory is in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico where we employ specialized personnel with decades of experience in the egg Industry.  For this reason, all our machinery, new or used, includes one year warranty.


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What we do

Who we are

We are one of the leaders in the egg industry. We specialize in supplying, designing and servicing our customers using the most advanced technology available in the shell egg market. Our areas of expertise are packaging, printing, packaging and grading.

Our Vision

  • To offer the most advanced technology available in today’s market.
  • To be recommended by customers because exceeding their expectations is always our goal.
  • To succeed growing and developing new markets and products.
  • To continue being a leader in the egg industry.

Our Principles

  1. We value our customers thus developing long term relationships.
  2. Always strive to improve and reach higher levels of competence based on our business success
  3. Believing in growth by searching new markets and opportunities, innovating and developing strategies to keep our client base and make new customers.



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